Defining Success

The Network is committed to achieving a series of measurable, time-bound outcomes related to student success: 

Changing Awareness

These short-term outcomes may be realized in two to three years:
  • A collaborative, cross-campus (i.e., multiple CSU campuses) space exists for experimentation, research, and sharing promising strategies around student success.
  • More faculty, staff, and administrators experience meaningful collaboration, gain tools and relationships, and are leaders of cross-campus student success efforts.

Changing Behaviors

These mid-term outcomes may be realized in 10 to 15 years:
  • Faculty, staff, and administrators from across the CSU regularly collaborate to identify and solve problems that students face, creating a culture of inquiry and experimentation within and across campuses.
  • Campuses receive additional support to close opportunity gaps and achieve equitable outcomes.
  • Students demonstrate deeper engagement in their learning; they persist and graduate within four to six years and are prepared for career and civic engagement.

Changing Conditions 

These long-term outcomes may be realized in 20 years or more:
  • A large proportion of CSU students graduate on time and prepared for career and civic engagement.
  • The Network helps the CSU system organize around student success, with a focus on closing opportunity gaps and achieving equitable outcomes, fulfilling its promise as a high-quality, broad-access university system.