The CSU Network Middle Leadership Academy is a structured, year-long, collaborative professional learning experience. Teams of CSU faculty, student affairs staff, researchers, and students from multiple CSU campuses commit to attending a series of workshops where they will:

  • Gain new knowledge, skills, and relationships;

  • Identify a common problem faced by students;

  • Analyze data to better understand the problem;

  • Identify possible solution(s) grounded in a rigorous understanding of the current evidence;

  • Create, implement, and iterate on a prototype solution;

  • Document the work so that it can be understood and used by others in the CSU.

The 2017-18 Academy will entail three in-person workshops. These Friday-Sunday events are tentatively scheduled for November 2017, February 2018, and June 2018. All travel, food, and lodging costs are covered by the CSU Student Success Network. 



The 2017-18 Middle Leadership Academy teams are exploring Math Placement and Readiness.

Below you can find a presentation about math placement reform  from our 2nd Academy weekend.



Application Guidelines


Team applicants must include at least four people, but not more than six. Campuses are asked to include the following individuals on their teams:

  • Faculty member;

  • Student Affairs professional;

  • Researcher (either from Institutional Research or someone with a strong research or assessment background); and

  • Student.

Only ONE application will be accepted from a campus for the 2017-18 Middle Leadership Academy. If your team would like to bring more than six people, or is interested in a topic other than college readiness, please contact us at studentsuccessnetwork@edinsightscenter.org.

A letter of support will be required from the appropriate administrator. This could be a Dean if the team is housed in one college, a Provost for cross-college topics, and/or a Vice President of Student Affairs for topics primarily housed in Student Affairs. In many cases, a collaborative letter signed by both the Provost and the VP of Student Affairs may be most appropriate. Please send the letter of support to studentsuccessnetwork@edinsightscenter.org.

The application deadline for the 2017-18 Middle Leadership Academy has passed.